Skowkale First Nation is governed under a Family Representative system. With four (4) main families, there is one (1) Councillor selected through a nomination and election process for each family. At a nomination meeting, if only one member is nominated to represent a family, they are elected by acclamation. However, if more than one member is nominated to represent a family, the names go on a ballot for the entire electorate to help select the representative.

The Chief is selected via a nomination and election process to represent the community as a whole, and does so with the guidance of the people and councillors.

The 2021-2025 Council Team is comprised of:
Chief Mark Point
Councillor Willy Hall
Councillor Teressa Galis
Councillor Darcy Paul
Councillor Tiffany Silver

Skowkale First Nation has full jurisdiction and control over the lands located within their reserves. This provides the authority to create and enforce land laws. Skowkale continues to develop laws to govern its lands, in conjunction with the S.A.Y. Lands Office.

Laws to date include:

Laws in development:


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